About Galak

Is an ICT Solutions organization, known for its innovative work in the field of setting up ICT Centres. The expertise and field experience of our Engineers and Consultants on ICT installations, education and training cannot be matched.Our strong research orientation has helped us continuously innovate in making use of modern computers with less power consumption and zero maintenance cost for our installations

The company’s expertise in ICT/CBT Centre Installations for Schools and other establishments, carry out maintenance on existing centers and help in upgrade to standard Centre. We install both internet and CCTV Camera within estate, personal residence, offices, School Compound, churches and hotels with professionalism. Our vast experience in Data Management and Event presentation through visual (projector) has given our clients the best of outing.

One of the CBT centres we installed is been used by JAMB as template in their official web site and all the centres we setup for our clients are rated the best examination centre.

GALAK TECHNOLOGIES is equally into training of youth on Internet and CCTV installations, System Networking and Hardware maintenance which has made a number of them self-reliance and responsible. 

Permanent Exhibitions

We Exhibit our nature when it come to creativity and professionalism, we proud our-self to be ICT/CBT Pro installer and implementation.  Join our effort to become an ict professional.

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The Workshop

Computer repair is the process of identifying, troubleshooting and resolving problems and issues in a faulty computer. Computer repair is a broad field encompassing many tools, techniques and procedures used to repair computer hardware, software or network/Internet problems

Innovation in technology has swept through everything and the society and the education sector is not an exception, it is the main reason why many should desire to measure up to the moving rocket in this digital era to engaged in building up ICT skills.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

We can reach! 

Meet Our Team

Mr. Akinifesi Aluko

Director CEO, Galak Technology Limited

Sunday O. Olumoko

Network System Tech.

Mr. Akinifesi Aluko

Director CEO, Galak Technology Limited